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Welcome to ShadowCast Records' Website!

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Welcome to ShadowCast Records'™ Website!

ShadowCast's Official Recording Label

ShadowCast Productions & Talent Studios® (ShadowCast Studios® for short) is a multi-arts production studio. ShadowCast is headed by 21-year-old, William J. Adams, Founder/CEO of ShadowCast. Adams is joined in management by, ShadowCast Co-Founder, Winslow C. Livatt.

As of 2016, ShadowCast Studios now has its own official recording label, ShadowCast Records!

ShadowCast Records is a label geared primarily toward new, underground, and emerging musical artists. However, with with the range of resources at our disposal, we are well perfectly well equipped work with experienced and well known artists as well.

After checking out ShadowCast Records on this site, be sure to go visit our main website, as well. ShadowCast Studios website has more information about our studio and services. ShadowCast Studios also has an online store which is stocked with creations from the studio such as music, photo art, t-shirts, non-exclusive royalty-free hip-hop beats (See "Dem Beats Tho" below for details), and more!

»Dem Beats Tho....

I got to take a minute to speak about dem' beats! We are all about helping new artists have an easier time doing what they love. We create and sell royalty-free/copyright-free instrumental beats on our online store. All beats in our store are 100% copyright free. For-profit use is allowed and encouraged. You don't have to deal with the hassle of licensing our beats because your purchase IS your license. Preview the beats on our site and find something you like. Then purchase the beat, record your lyrics, produce and sell your track! It's that easy! Each beat comes as a mastered high-quality .wav audio file, delivered via instant download immediately after checkout. Oh, and they are only $3.99 each, some even less. Yes, that's right Three dollars and ninety nine cent per beat. Seriously, why are you still waiting? Go! Get beats! You could release a track by tomorrow, or buy them all and you can drop an album! Click here to browse our beats.

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